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Argentina Para el Mundo!

Years ago the main newspaper from Argentina (Clarin) warned about the catastrophe that could happen in La Plata if the goverment wouldn’t invest million pesos in reforming the hydro systems. The goverment ignored this and a week ago, La Plata got all flooded. The Argentinian president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner went to La Plata to ‘talk’ about how deeply she understand what they’re being throu, about what it means to lose everything (as if they wouldn’t already know) to the affected people because of the storms, wearing a Rolex Watch. By now all the Argentinian people have been helping each other, donating things, food, clothes; day and night. The Argentinian goverment didn’t donate anything by now. I know this post will cause controversy, and even a few Argentinians will hate me for this, but I made this Tumblr ‘Argentina for the world’ to show the world what Argentina is. Even the goverment censure the news and also people; I won’t let random people from Tumblr censure me. If the president would be awesome I’d say it, but unluckly she’s not. Note: The title of this photoshop says: ‘Argentina, a country with solidarious people and son of a bitch ruler people (President etc)’. Shocking, I know, but also true.

For the ones that says that I’m just talking bullsh#t about the president, here you have another episode of the thousands that happens each day, of the Argentinian president in Harvard, USA. I don’t say it, the notice was shocking also in USA. (Video part: ‘This is the president, this isn’t the people’)